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What are the benefits of contactless?

With a transaction speed of less than half a second, contactless is the fastest card payment system in the UK for transactions of £30* or under.

• Convenient - Contactless is designed to make your life easier. Just touch the card to the reader and everything's done, no fumbling for the right notes or coins or waiting for change. You will also be able to reconcile your expenses more easily by reducing cash transactions.

• Secure - A payment with your contactless card gives you the same 100% fraud protection as normal Chip and PIN transactions. Payment instructions are securely exchanged between the card and the terminal using the highest level of cryptography. As an additional security measure, each card has a limit for contactless transactions.

• Accepted worldwide - Every card that's capable of making contactless transactions features a distinctive contactless symbol contactless_wave. Your card will be accepted for contactless transactions wherever you see the symbol - at home or around the world.

*Some Barclaycard MasterCard customers have a £20 limit for contactless payments

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