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How does contactless work?

For purchases of £30* or less, contactless gives cardholders the chance to pay without the need for notes or coins. It's the new, hassle-free way to pay and go. Cardholders can use their card wherever they see the contactless symbol.

To pay for items, cardholders simply touch the reader with their card - they don't need their PIN, apart from every now and then to verify identity.

1. Look out for the contactless symbol contactless_wave when making a transaction
2. The merchant enters the transaction amount and the contactless card reader prompts the cardholder to present their contactless card
3. The cardholder touches their card to the card reader
4. The terminal display will indicate that the card has been read
5. The purchase is complete.

*Some Barclaycard MasterCard customers have a £20 limit for contactless payments

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