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Will Barclaycard provide some financial help to their merchants for their PCI DSS compliance activity?

It is not Barclaycard's policy to provide financial help to their merchants or third parties. PCI DSS compliance is the responsibility of each individual organisation and budgets should be sought and allocated accordingly.

However, Barclaycard is helping its merchants in various areas, including:

• The introduction of the Barclaycard Data Security Manager online service and telephone support; which is designed to make the process of validating compliance easier for our smaller merchants.

• Negotiated preferential rates for services with Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) and these rates are available to Barclaycard merchants. The QSAs are PA Consulting Group formerly 7Safe and IRM for level 1-3 merchants.

• Work closely with the Schemes to resolve PCI DSS standard issues as a result of conflicting rules (e.g. deferred fulfilment transactions and interchange rates).

• Publishing White Papers covering current concerns such as "processing telephone payments securely" and "processing online payments securely"; these can be found on the PCI DSS web page.

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