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Why should I choose Barclaycard Commercial instead of any other payment method?

There are many benefits to using a Barclaycard Commercial card. These include:

  • Saving you money. There's no need for company cheques, which means lower bank charges. In addition, worldwide acceptability gives you the freedom to choose to buy from the right supplier at the right time and at the right price, without having to go through the costly process of setting up separate supplier accounts.
  • Less paperwork. Your cardholders and accounts staff will spend less time chasing paperwork. A monthly summary for each cardholder makes it clear and simple to monitor spending. There is also no risk of claims slips being lost, forgotten, destroyed or submitted retrospectively.
  • Putting you in control. You can set a monthly expenditure limit for the whole company and for each cardholder. Statements and reports let you see expenditure across the company.
  • Saving you time. You don't need to set up accounts with suppliers, so you eliminate the need for credit checks and agreeing credit limits with individual suppliers.
  • Value for money. Barclaycard Commercial cards are less expensive than many other payment methods or charge cards. Improves your company's cash flow. Your capital will not be tied up in advance as it would be with a petty cash system. You are not obliged to pay out for expenses until after your company has purchased goods or services.
  • Adding value. From booking business travel through to 24 hour worldwide card replacement, Barclaycard Commercial gives you a wide range of additional benefits. No interest to pay when you choose a Charge Card account.
  • Added flexibility. To carry balances from one month to the next if you choose our Business Credit Account.

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