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What is the difference between Barclaycard Business online services and the old Online Services portal?

Barclaycard Business online services is a new and improved account management tool for business customers. It’s a more intuitive platform than our old system, and is designed to help you more easily manage your accounts on the go. What's more, Barclaycard Business online services will grow as we continue to invest in new tools for you.

If you're currently using our existing Online Services system, then there will be some functionality in the new version that won't be available at first. These are:
 - Changing cardholder credit limits (coming soon)
 - Editing personal details (coming soon)
 - Standard Reports/Mappers

Going forward, you won't need to use the older pre-packaged reporting tools. Instead, we've designed the new Barclaycard Business online services to provide greater flexibility, so you can perform your own transaction searches and extract the data more easily. This allows you to create your own reports in the way that suits you.

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