How do I get an authorisation?

Firstly, make sure you have the following information to hand:

• Your outlet number
• Card number
• Expiry date
• Transaction amount
• Issue number (if applicable)

Call 0844 822 2000*, then select:

Option 1 - mail/telephone order
Option 2 - referral B
Option 3 - standard authorisation
Option 4 - cancellation
Option 9 - Code 10
Option 0 - other service (PWCB, refund, card security code check, PDQ support or General enquiries)

Your call should be answered within one ring.

The automated system uses both voice recognition and touch-tone technology, so you can input the information in the way that suits you best.

To speed up your authorisations, the system has a ‘barge-in facility', so you don't have to wait for all the options to be listed if you know what your input will be. For example, when the system asks for ‘transaction type', you can respond immediately with ‘mail order'.

If the system doesn't understand your input, you'll be asked to repeat the information. If you continue to experience difficulties, your call will be routed to a customer service advisor.

When the system has captured all the transaction data, you'll be advised of the decision. If the transaction is a referral, your call, along with the transaction data, will be transferred to a customer service advisor.

Please note that authorisation services are not available for Discover cards.

*View call charge information from Business landlines within the UK.

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