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How can I add waiter IDs?

You can add up to 99 waiter IDs to identify which staff members have dealt with individual transactions.

1. At the READY prompt press the MENU button twice
2. Using the arrow down button, choose the Select Function option, then press the GREEN ENTER button
3. Key in the number 40 and then press the GREEN ENTER button
4. Swipe the Supervisor Card through the terminal
5. To proceed to the Waiter Setup menu, press the GREEN ENTER button (to go back, press the YELLOW CLEAR button)
6. Using the arrow down button, select ADD and then press the GREEN ENTER button
7. Your terminal will automatically allocate the next available Waiter ID. Key in the text/name description (up to 10 characters) and press ENTER.

The Waiter ID will then be printed on your receipts.

If you don't want to create individual waiter IDs, your terminal will use the default Waiter 0: SHARED, and all sale transactions with gratuity will automatically add tips/gratuities to this waiter. The total of all ‘Waiter 0' tips/gratuities will be printed as part of the Waiter Totals Report.

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